The Montessori Method

Learn More About Montessori

downloadMontessori is an educational approach that was developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori in the late 1800’s. Dr. Montessori’s work was based on her observation of children and the way they chose to interact with the environment, lessons and materials available to them during her classes. She later refined her method to summarise that children and young adults who were at liberty to act freely, would always opt to develop and learn.

Access to the correct environment and materials play an essential part in the application of the method and allow for the freedom of physical and intellectual movement to learn. A child develops an acute awareness of their senses through the use of designed and graded Montessori equipment. This sense training is essential as it provides the quality of perception on which all knowledge is built. This is why, here at Allen’s Montessori Nursery, we have divided this equipment between three main classrooms according to age group and further assess the individual child’s needs for development.

Furthermore, Dr. Montessori designed exercises to develop physical refinement of movement and alertness of senses through daily activity and interaction with the materials provided. The acquisition of these skills by the children is made with great ease and joy, allowing them to become confident, communicative and sociable.

The Montessori Method has greatly influenced much of today’s educational thinking practice. The success in orthodox Montessori schools has been repeated since her time, worldwide. This is why we are proud to continue in her footsteps.

Montessori is an attitude
Not just simply a teaching system
Not just a technique

One must have
Great love for
And understanding of
Each individual child

Is a spiritual attitude
Toward mankind
And mankind begins
with childhood