Life at Allen’s


At Allen’s Montessori Nursery, we aim to create a friendly, loving and safe environment, whilst providing the best quality care – a reflection of the standards given by parents at home. We structure our days according to the age and stage of each child, and design a stimulating day for all who attend the nursery. A daily routine is paramount to creating a sense of security and familiarity, and so each child is given the ideal structure for their age group. Children are brought together at stages throughout the day to join for meals and share blessings. Outside of mealtimes, the children experience Allen’s Nursery according to Pre-School (3 – 5yrs), Toddler (2 – 3yrs) or Baby (6 months – 2yrs), with classroom facilities and schedules to match.



From the very beginning we want parents to be assured that their children are in the hands of only the most suitable carers. At Allen’s Montessori we will always strive to recruit the best professionally able employees to fulfil the roles within the Nursery. The security and wellbeing of the children is of the utmost importance, and so the recruitment process is vigorous, demanding all staff are DBS checked and supported by key qualifications. Staff members are then encouraged to attend further courses in order to expand their knowledge of child care.

At present, many of the staff have been with the Montessori for 15+ years. Our team demonstrate a passion for childcare that has the capability (and track record) to span generations. There is a strong focus here, on building lasting relationships. Staff greet parents and children personally, offering familiarity and providing a stable environment for growth.



The daily routines involve numerous activities, play and lessons. Maths, literacy, IT, language, physical play, art, singing, sensory stimulation and outdoor activities are all factored into your child’s daily experience. Every classroom is packed full of interactive objects and facilities suited to that specified age group. In the morning (after a group breakfast), the Pre-School children and toddlers are encouraged to learn through practical activities and play. The afternoon is brought in with a group lunch, and then onwards to messy play, which incorporates physical activities too.

Musical activities are provided on a daily basis for the development of rhythm and sound, and IT lessons are offered to preschool children. We have outdoor play facilities that are accessible with staff guidance all day long, in order to foster the imagination and encourage good health.



The Montessori Method of education employs a child-centred approach to learning, with a focus on supporting individual needs. We endeavour to create an environment where all children, regardless of ability, are able to meet their full potential. Working in partnership with the Croydon Early Years Inclusion Team, as well as other professional bodies and parents, we actively welcome children with special needs. Within our faculty we have a Special Needs Coordinator who is fully trained, abiding by the SEN code of practice to ensure the correct guidance of other key workers; providing the highest quality setting and placing value on individuals to help them attain a sense of self worth.

Diversity is celebrated at Allen’s Montessori. Our classrooms are filled with cultural artefacts. World history and festivals feature heavily in our lessons. Good communication is essential to a child’s experience in their early years, and the language spoken with them at home is of great value in their development. Many of our staff are bilingual, and they are able to converse in an array of languages with the children. This means our key workers can interact with children whose first language isn’t English. By doing this, we are able to help children to feel confident and fluent in communication, enabling them to participate and ease into the Nursery environment in comfort.