Wellbeing & Nutrition

Health is a State of Physical, Emotional and Social Wellbeing

Cultural diversity is welcome and acceptance is encouraged . We promote this through the celebration of cultural and religious events over the course of the year. Likewise, cultural food is shared by parents during festivities; this way children are able to learn about the foods of their peers, helping to explore the likes and dislikes for various flavours in the process.

We encourage children to be polite, independent and see mealtimes as an opportunity for learning and calm social interaction. The daily routine sees the children brought together to share breakfast, lunch and tea, with 30 minute breaks between to feature snacks and play. Good table manners and eating habits are fostered. We operate a diverse menu, catering for the ages of 6 months – 2yrs and 2 – 5yrs separately (see menu samples below for examples of our 5 week meal plans), both of which are available in advance for parents to look over and keep for reference.

Food is freshly prepared on the premises daily by our in-house chef, who considers any known allergies, dietary and religious requirements of our current student body. Vegetarian and veganism can be maintained during Nursery hours if desired. However, requests for a medically specific diet will have to be substantiated and discussed upon admission. Fresh drinking water is accessible at all times of the day, with milk and juice optional extras at mealtimes.

Baby Nest Menu Sample (6 months – 2yrs)

Nursery Menu Sample (2-5yrs)



Food intolerances and allergies are a growing health concern and can cause severe reactions, even death. In light of this, important changes to food legislation occurred on the 13th December 2014. Under new guidelines, all catering teams must provide information about 14 primary allergens. Allen’s Montessori Nursery must also keep records of any children who suffer from known allergies, so please share this information with us upon admission. Furthermore, Allen’s will no longer allow party food to be consumed by children on the premises, and strictly prohibits food containing nuts or that carry a nut contamination advisory.

Food Standards Agency Allergen Guide