Graduation Ceremony

Celebrate your Child’s Achievements 

We believe it is important to celebrate a pupil’s achievements, so each year we host a graduation ceremony in order to highlight their accomplishments. By doing this, the children learn the importance of their efforts and what it means to their parents. The graduation ceremony marks the moment of transition, preparing children for their move to Primary School and onwards to new adventures. It is also a proud moment for our carers, who have watched the children grow and develop in their earliest years.

The ceremony is a special day and parents are invited to attend. The children wear their nursery uniform with mini blue graduation gowns and caps on top. Finally, we ensure the presence of a guest of honour to present our little stars with their graduation awards. Previous guests of honour include local councillors, and Toni Letts, Mayor of Croydon, who joined us for the special day in 2016.

On the day, we welcome the graduating children onstage, addressing them individually and presenting them each with an official medal and gradation certificate. Each child is applauded for their achievement and a photograph is taken as a memento. At the end of the ceremony we like to get the graduating class and our staff together for a final group photo! Afterwards, refreshments are served and everyone is invited to socialise, creating what we hope is a lovely memory of the time we’ve had together.