Our Nursery is divided into three main rooms – the Baby Nest (6 months – 2yrs), the Yellow Room (Toddlers, 2-3yrs) and the Blue Room (Pre-School 3-5yrs). Children are grouped within these spaces according to their development, and emotional, physical and intellectual needs. During activities such as circle time, music, role-play, birthday parties and outings, children come together to form an all-inclusive group.

Activities are well equipped and supervised daily by qualified staff at all times. Each classroom is designed to provide the best tools, toys, displays and overall environment to suit that particular age range. We cover a number of lessons, including Maths, Technology, Music Movement and Cookery, and  as part of their creative, cognitive and communication development, we offer a broad selection of objects that are designed to foster a joy for learning and a desire to explore those subjects.

All rooms are colourful, vibrant spaces that feature cultural displays and posters. The Blue and Yellow Rooms are fairly similar in layout, providing play mats, short tables and chairs to suit the growing children. We encourage respect for the space and the objects used for activities. The rooms are regularly tidied, with the children participating in the returning of toys to their original place. Suitable children’s toilets are located nearby, and children are always escorted by a member of staff when using these facilities.

The Baby Nest is equipped with changing facilities, sleeping mats and a number of toys that are suited for the 6month – 2yr age range. The room is located towards the rear of the premises, along with direct access to the soft play outdoor area just beyond. A shorter baby gate is installed inside the doors for extra security and safety features have been added to the furnishings.


Change can be a frightening thing for a child, which is why we’ve taken steps to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. All of our staff work on rotation, taking on various activities and roles throughout the day, before focussing on their primary room. By doing this, we aim to build staff / children relationships well, so that movement to a new classroom is not filled with any kind of anxiety or worry. The baby bond with staff is of particular concern to us, as the attachment is always strong. To ease a child into the next phase of education, we gradually introduce a transitional period as they approach 2yrs of age. Thereby helping them to move comfortably from the baby routine to toddler one (Baby Nest to Yellow Room).