Outdoor Play

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning” – Diane Ackerman

The nursery features an appropriately equipped external play area. This outdoor space is designed to give children the opportunity to be active and creative, whilst engaging in the natural world – important for first hand experiences of life and growth. The area is canopied, covered with a soft safety surface and divided into specified areas for sand and water, physical development and literacy. Pupils are rotated through group activities in each area daily, guided in both adult initiated play and child led play. The time spent in activity outdoors proves ideal for forming relationships between the children and bonding with staff.

The playground has undergone improvements in order to support children of suitable ages and during all stages of learning development. There is a variety of play equipment on hand for the children to use that improve motor skills, encourage exercise and build their strength. These include bikes, cars, climbing frame apparatus, and other outdoor toys. Appropriately sized fitness equipment such as a treadmill, exercise bike and cross-trainer are accessible too. Babies have a designated secure area where they may play and explore sensory objects safely.

Children have access to this outdoor area all day, and the canopy ensures that they can enjoy this space all year round. The correct ratio of staff are always on hand to supervise at all times.