Safety & Security

Your Child’s Safety is Paramount

The security and safety of children is prioritised highly at Allen’s Montessori. Foremost, the nursery is gated and the entrance features a secure double door. We employ tight management of the entrance, and parents must be identified by staff before being granted access. Parents who are unable to collect their child must give email notification of their absence and provide a password to check against their replacement, who must carry a valid ID. Visitors are only allowed on the premises with supervision, signing in and out of the record book when they leave.

The perimeter of the nursery is secure and highly fenced, with no access to the main road. The outdoor area features a safety surface for children to play on, and the canopy and associated pillars are padded. Before children are taken outside, thorough checks are carried out. CCTV is in operation in and around the building, recording 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. An alarm is always set when the building is vacated completely.

The doors for every room must be kept shut at all times unless staff are supervising children to the toilets or the outdoor area. The baby room has a secondary gate secured to the door, and all doors have safety finger guards installed. The radiators are also guarded with an external casing to prevent injury.

Staff play an integral role in maintaining the safety of your child. This is why each of our Nursery workers are DBS checked before they can interact with the children, and references / ID checks are also carried out. For peace of mind, all staff have undergone Paediatric First Aid and safeguarding training.

Staff are provided with health and safety guidelines to follow, which include a list of regular Risk Assessment check requirements and the official Fire Drill procedure. Mock drills are carried out at random on a regular basis to ensure staff and children are clear on the conduct and meeting point. Fire exits are clearly marked and extinguishers are allocated evenly throughout the premises.

In order to maintain a safe environment, we are registered with Peninsula, a health and safety advisory consultancy. General Health and Safety checks are recorded in a log book each day, along with any findings from daily Risk Assessments.