Mrs Allen

The Principal of Allen’s Montessori Nursery, Mrs. Allen Wanigasekera has been behind the helm of this award winning institution since it’s launch in 1996. 
“I began my career in teaching by guiding under 5’s as a Montessori teacher. After working my way up to senior roles, I managed several Montessori schools. During this period I saw how the Montessori method can impact a child’s life, and experienced first-hand what tools and techniques worked best. It was at this point that I decided to open my own Montessori Nursery. I decided to build a school on the foundation of everything I had learnt about care and raising independent, confident young children. I went ahead and undertook a business start-up course. This turned out exceptionally well, winning me a Certificate of Excellence for Best Business Plan of the Year. Spurned on, I then sought out a property, and the perfect team to set out and make the dream into reality.

Shortly after our launch in 1996, we were lucky to have full capacity and a lengthy waiting list – a demonstration of popularity of the Montessori method, and the wonderful relationships I had built with the parents who supported me from the start. I wanted to make sure that we provided the best services and care to both our children and parents. So we did, and we built our positive reputation according to this mantra. We were honoured with further awards for our efforts over the years, and continue to maintain the high standards we are now known for.

Now Allen’s Montessori Nursery has been going for over 20 years, with a loyal longstanding team and a proven generational turnaround. I get to experience watching the children grow and develop with confidence, prepared to take on the world, and then years later I sometimes have the joy of meeting them again as independent young adults. 

This is why I believe that a “Montessori start is the right start”.

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